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LA Times: My hollywood, 3 inside stories

HOMETOWN             Philadelphia, PA

BIRTHDAY                 November 26  

FAVORITE BOOK      Anything on Hollywood History

FAVORITE MOVIES   Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House             

                                       Sunset Blvd    Singin’ in the Rain

History. Geography. Photography. A Gift for Gab.

Combined with his energetic & quirky worldview, Brian is not just an LA tour guide, he’s your LA tour guide.  A natural teacher with an insatiable desire to continue learning, he surprises even locals with facts and local lore.

Keep up with Brian and take a peak behind the tinsel with Brian’s unique blog where he offers offbeat, often unseen, glimpses into life in Hollywood.

We knew were in for a

special afternoon when all of the women leaving the previous tour kissed Donnelly and all the men pushed wads of bills into his palm.

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