Red Line Walk: Hollywood & Highland to Hollywood & Vine

Start at Hollywood/Highland Station
End at Hollywood/Vine Metro Station
Distance: 0.8 miles (station to station with no side trips)

This segment of our Red Line Walks is a rich walk down memory lane. This was a challenging one to write as I had to make some hard decisions on what to include and what to cut. This stretch of the Boulevard is densely packed with Hollywood history and there is no way to cover all of it in just one post. As Beverly and I argued over what to keep and what to toss, I finally decided that since this segment is actually our very own neighborhood, I’d write about those special places that catch the eye of a veteran Hollywood tour guide no matter how many times I pass by.

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Red Line Walk: Vermont/Beverly to Wilshire/Vermont

Start at Vermont/Beverly Metro Station
End at Wilshire/Vermont Metro Station
Distance: 1 mile (+ 1/4 mile with recommended Bimini Place loop)

This walk is the gateway to LA’s melting pot: Koreatown. Despite its name, along this walk we enjoyed the flavors of many countries. Our favorite spots include a Bangladesh market, a Filipino bakery and numerous Mexican taco trucks. Along the way we were surprised to stumble upon a 40-year-old commune committed to ecologically sustainable urban living and traces of the area’s elegant past.
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